2020 Fiber Optic Market Report

2020 Fiber Optic Market Report

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While many industries have struggled in 2020 due to COVID-19 and accompanying economic turmoil, the submarine fiber optics industry appears to have weathered the storm and made solid progress in the development of new cable systems that are vital for the transport of global Internet traffic.

The market for submarine fiber optic systems has been strong since 2014, the longest growth period in the history of a market known for its dramatic boom and bust cycles. But there was justifiable concern as the COVID-19-related lockdown rolled across the world and shut down economies. SubCableWorld had long predicted that one of the few things that might be able to stop the dramatic growth of the market was global economic turmoil, and that certainly was happening in March and April of this year.

So how did the submarine fiber optics market respond? Riding the wave of explosive Internet bandwidth demand, a demand only increased by greater reliance on the Internet for billions of people while in lockdown, the market responded with huge new projects, increased investment in infrastructure upgrades and strong support from the investment community. The submarine fiber optics market met the pandemic and, so far, has come through with a clean bill of health. This exclusive market study takes an in-depth look at why and how, and offers expert insight into what the future holds for this resilient industry.

In SubCableWorld’s latest report, we document the forces involved in driving the submarine fiber optics market and show how, through the first half of the year, they have continued to push the market into its seventh year of strong growth, in spite of a pandemic and global economic uncertainty.