Fiber Optic Cable Forecast

Fiber Optic Cable Forecast

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The submarine fiber optic cable market is undergoing a period of extraordinary strength, while also experiencing changes that seemed unimaginable two decades ago.

The Over-the-Top (OTT) content providers have taken a leading role in the development of new cable systems. Technological advances have resulted in cables capable of undreamed-of capacity. Investment capital is flowing into the market. Internet demand has become insatiable. It is a market that many companies want to be a part of.

SubCableWorld’s 2020 Submarine Fiber Optics Market Review & Forecast analyzes this market as it negotiates a complicated and changing landscape. Based on our extensive database of submarine fiber optic cable systems under development and our daily monitoring of changes in the market, the report forecasts demand for cable and systems in 2020 and beyond.

The submarine fiber optics market is impacted by a wide range of factors that either drive or constrain its growth. The interplay of these factors is critical to understanding how the market will develop in the future. SubCableWorld has been studying these factors for nearly two decades and has developed models to understand how they impact the market. The 2020 Submarine Fiber Optics Market Review & Forecast is the result of this analysis.