Our conference support team will walk you through the logistics of a conference display eliminating the stress. We touch on each component of the process from booth layout to banner design and coordinating promotional materials.

Booth Layouts
What you need and where it goes.

Conferences offer a unique opportunity to interact with potential clients. You need to optimize the space not only to attract and engage clientele, but also direct the flow of traffic. Whether you need initial guidance or our reinforcement at the venue, we’ve got your back. We provide you with custom booth designs that are simple to follow, keeping the location and budget in mind.

Banner Design
Attract and engage.

Having an attractive banner can make the difference between stimulating a conversation and losing an opportunity. This visual representation of your company is impactful. Give passersby a reason to stop and talk to you. Our thoughtful design process is tailored to your message and the application it is being presented.

Promotional Materials
Give them something to take home.

Tying-in a takeaway to reinforce your message can be tricky. Let’s face it, this can be a costly expenditure and most miss the mark. Promotional materials should be both informational and memorable, but not out of context with your company’s message. Let us help you strategize your promotional items so that elicit a productive response from consumers.

Planning ahead so you're not behind.

Whether you are new to conferences or an experienced attendee, conferences can be a stressful experience. Let us eliminate the hassle from registration to execution. We can assist you every step of the way from attendance to ordering, from shipping to setup. We can make your conference experience worry-free and successful.